Our Services
One off jobs also available

  • Engine rebuilding
  • Engine Dyno testing
  • Cylinder head gas flowing
  • Valve seat cutting
  • Boring/honing
  • Cyl head / block re- facing
  • Flywheel lightening
  • Any one off machining
  • Bead blasting
  • Acid dipping of parts
  • Tig welding

Dyno Cell
Get the best from your engine

All of our racing engines are tested on our in house Heenhan and Froude engine dynamometer, controlled by a TAT data acquisition control system. This allows us to provide the customer with an engine that has been fully ran in using running in oils and to ensure that the engine is set up to produce maximum power and torque whilst in a controlled environment. This allows us to provide our customers with the complete package and a piece of mind when they use the engine for the first time. We use our dyno to develop our race engines and work closely with customers to get the very best from them.

Please call for test prices.

Rolling Road
From power to problem solving

We also have our in house 2WD rolling road ( chassis dyno ) , this is controlled by a TAT data acquisition control system . We can test cars for power runs, mapping, tuning and general problem solving.

Please call for prices.